Octane’s Premium Used Car Warranty

Premium used car warranty that covers you the most!

*Full Range of used car warranty plans to choose from.

At Octane our team understands that a car is one of the most significant purchases that we make in our life. Vehicle maintenance and repairs can also be expensive and very unexpected, and usually, the price of extended warranty can be a fraction of a cost compared to out-of-warranty repairs.

Much of Canadian drivers are not aware that they are eligible to buy extended used car warranty, It’s a common misconception that warranty can only be purchased with a new car or when the vehicle is first purchased from a dealer. At Octane, we offer extended warranties on all vehicles that we sell.

We have partnered with Ontario’s leading warranty provider Auto Gard Advantage to give our clients the best coverage possible in case of a breakdown with nationwide coverage in CANADA & US.

We have a variety of Power-Train Warranty Plans and as well as more Comprehensive plans that cover you beyond Power-Train in the case of a breakdown.Here is a comparison of different warranty plans that we offer.

Here is a comparison of different warranty plans that we offer.


Used Car Warranty Plans